Yummy Yumi

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I love my life

Hang out with friends...sometimes Micky also join..

Drinkwith friends in my favorite place..

Talk to my santa...

Love coffee and sweets..but not alone..

Sleep well...Have a good dream...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Warm my heart up!

It's chilly and raining from morning. I don't wanna move.I don't like cold weather. I just wanna chillax and warm me up in my house. But It's the weekend when I can spend time with jimmy. I wanna do something fun. Then, we decided to go to Yokohama Art museum in Minatomirai. We like to date in Minatomirai. It's beautiful place. Even though it's city, it's relatively quiet and clean. There are many trees near bay. Their leaves are changing color from green to yellow and then red in this season.We call it '紅葉:kouyou'.

The content of museum was surrealism which is art activity since WWI. I love Salvador Dali! He is one of the famous surrealist. Whenever I see his art, my time stop and I just enjoy Dali's time which he put in his art. When I see his art,I feel that he shouldn't have painted these kinds of paintings. Because nobody didn't. There are many obstacles like ethic and established image in our society. So I'm always surprised and excited when somebody do new thing as long as they don't hurt anybody.

After we finish watching main paintings we got tired and went to have lunch and tea.
We enjoyed time with good smell Earl Gray tea and cranberry brisbar at my favorite place.
Starbucks started to decolate store for christmas. It's realy pretty. I will wear santa's hat when I give customers christmas blend sample coffee!!

My heart was warmed up by my favorite things~darlin♪art♪chocolate♪tea♪coming christmas♪

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I tried to write about my life in Texas... but there are so many things I wanna really write about. So, I won't write!! or.. sometimes if I feel like to write, I will!

Only thing I wanna say now is I AM WAITING!

Waiting for WHAT??

♡1 My darling Jimmy. He will come to Japan as exhange student like I was!

♥2 My packages. I sent them from Texas to Japan two month ago. I cost $600.00! Daaaaaaamn expensive!!!!

♡3 My labtop. It was broken as soon as I came back to Japan. It is being fixed now. It was full of my pictures which I took in Texas. I lost all.OMG!!!!!!!!

♥4 My TOEFL score. I took TOEFL two days after I came back because I wanted to check how much my English skill improved.

♡5 My TOEIC score. I took TOEIC on the end of June because I thought I needed the score to hunt job in Japan. So I took it although didn't study at all. Today I could check my score on line. I got 805/990. I'm little happy.

♥6 My ID for Starbucks. I started to work at Starbucks again. I need my ID number and card. Without this ID I can't buy coffee cheaply.

Well, recently I have so stressful life because I'm waiting so many important things.

Just every thing COMES TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

My life in Texas

I woke up early in the morning on the 10 of August. I went to the airport with my mom, sister and her boyfriend by train. However, terrible accident happened to me. I forgot to bring one document which I was supposed to have with my passport. I couldn't leave to Texas. OMG!!!? I was shocked ,disappointed and confused so bad. I thought I could finally leave!! I cried so much that I couldn't breathe well. I went back home with family and spent one night at home. I called two of my friends and explain my situation. One of friends said' Oh.. I feel sorry to you but you have to go to Texas. がんばれ!!' Other friend sent me text message because at the day just before I planed to leave in the airport of England terror happened. So she really worried about me. I let her know that I'm kinda ok..

Next day because of the terror security of the airport became really strict. I couldn't bring any liquid to the airplane. But, I could leave to Texas safely. I was already exhausted.

After I arrived at Austin airport of Texas, I could meet the guy of international office. He picked me up to the university by car. It was night. Maybe around 10 pm. So I couldn't see outside well. I just tried to talk with little girl of the guy in English.

About 45 min later, I reached Hill House where I lived temporarily in the university. I knocked the door because other exchange student from my university whom I should have left with was waiting for me.

She opened the door. We smiled each other. We finally were relieved.
We talked about long day and went to bed around 1 am.

This is my first day in Texas.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My life before I go to Texas.

I didn't write this blog for long long time. Because I finally forgot my user name and password for this blog, I asked jimmy and I decided to start again.

I finished my life in Texas on the 31 of May and came back to Japan.

Now I feel that my life of Texas is like a dream. It's really hard but sweet dream.

Actually it was my dream.

When I was 16 years old, I went to Canada for studying English. I studied with my friends and lived with kind Canadian family. At that time I felt I came here once before. I don't know why I thought. Just I could know how great to communicate with various people who live in different countries was. After I came back to Japan, I studied English really hard. I wanted to go to university in Canada first as soon as I would graduate from high school.
However, my parents and teachers disagree with my idea. I didn't have confidence with my English and I depended on my parents financially. I decided to go to university in Japan and use exchange student program with which I can go to university abroad cheaply.
As soon as I entered university, I went to talk to international office about my plan for studying abroad. I noticed I needed to get at least 173 score of TOEFL( Test of English as a Foreign Language) to participate this program and 213 to apply to Texas State University.
I took many class for TOEFL and took TOEFL every month for one year.
My score improved from 163 to 210. But still it wasn't enough. I had interview with a president of international office. I told her 'I really wanna go!' ' I can do any effort I need if I can go!'
Finally she allowed me to go to Texas State University for one year.

I was studying Spanish for my third language in my university and I also participated in studying program in Spain for one month at the same time.
I was so busy that I got sick many times.

My friend said that I did too much. But I just wanted to try what I wanted to do.

After I became exchange student, I had lot of things I had to do.
I don't wanna remember them. I can't believe I did all.

It was long long way to start my life in Texas.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome back to San Marcos!!

Today, I woke up around 9 by the sound of James. After he went to work, I prepared my breakfast and I turned on DVD for my listening practice, but I didn't concentrate on it at all.

After jimmy came back home, we went to Austin airport to pick up our friends Naoko and Ippei. They looked to enjoy their travel. Ippei 's new apartment was cute!!
Neko chan gave us souvenir of France. Jimmy looks satisfied with pretty Effel tower:D I also love them. Thanks!!!

We bought cute teeth brushes in HEB. Jimmy said it's for Kids!! haha..

But I don't care. It's just cute:P

Monday, January 8, 2007

Blog Start!!!

Hello! I decided to make my own blog now. I 'm not sure I will continue to write bucause I 'm really likely to bother to do. Anyway this is first post for my blog!!! haha:D